Imagine a youth pastor (aka Cleo) whose love for a teenage girl puts his job at the church in jeopardy. No – not an under-age, pervy sorta love. We’re talking about a level of care and acceptance that most churches aren’t too fond of. (Now you’re wondering what her deal is, aren’t you?) The Elder Board puts Cleo in a two-week Jesus timeout, so he packs a bag, hits the road on his bike, and runs into a hairy guy named Larry traveling with his dead Dad. (Actually, Larry runs into Cleo, but we’ll leave that for the film.) All kinds of craziness ensues causing Cleo to question faith, sexuality, and Jesus…including how far is too far. It’s weird, and you’ll love it…we promise.

Have you ever imagined life as an adventurous road trip with bumps and twists and turns that take us to places we didn’t even know existed? We get to eat a lot of snacks and sing epic songs and ask each other crazy questions. Can you imagine if no question was off-limits or too far out there? What if we could talk about things like faith, sexuality, and Jesus without worrying about the church lady giving us a lemon-faced look of disapproval?

That’s what The Road to Edmond is all about – an indie film that’ll make you laugh out loud AND think deeply about faith (even if you don’t think you have one). We’re not talking about a big-budget flick controlled by the Hollywood elite. We’re just a group of filmmakers and friends who care deeply about the big questions of life, and we want to have honest conversations about them. We believe this movie has the potential to create space for millions of people to ask meaningful questions that many of us have been too scared to ask.