What is The Road to Edmond?

The Road to Edmond is a narrative feature film (dramatic comedy) envisioned by David Trotter. Having produced and directed three award-winning documentaries, he is leading a small, but stellar team to create a collaborative independent film that will challenge people to ask questions about life and faith.

Who the heck are Tripp Fuller and Nathanael Welch?

They’re famous! Well, maybe not ‘actor famous’, but they’re famous to us. They’re ingenious for their wit, charm, and ability to riff on about any subject – especially anything involving philosophy, the meaning of life, and God. That’s why David approached them about an idea for a feature film that specifically fits their life experience.

What’s the film all about?

It’s a secret, and this is all we’re going to say.

When and where did you film?

We filmed in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas from August 19th through September 1st. Yes, we know that’s not very long to shoot a feature film, but we’re crazy like that. Watch our daily vlogs during filming!

When can I watch the film?

It depends. If a studio buys the film, they set the timeline. If we go with a distributor, they set the timeline as well. Let’s just say Summer of 2018, but we think we’ll have some exclusive screenings well before that. In fact, we’ll probably be asking for your feedback at these events in order to make the film super awesome!